YouTube Account Management

You may think that “only the big boys need those” when it comes to needing someone to look after your YouTube account. That’s not necessarily true!

The fact is that the idea of having yet another thing to manage in your business can turn people off getting started in their business video campaigns. Conversely some think that setting up a YouTube channel is easy, get started and then either lose interest or realise there are way loads more boxes to fill in, settings to apply and then of course there are the challenges of branding and artwork your channel, creating custom video thumbnails and then picking the right keywords and search terms in your video’s description to get your videos found in the first place. And this is true. In it’s infancy YouTube was much more simple and it was just a case of “Add video, description, publish”. Now you’ve got all the above to factor in.

Add to this the age old question of “What shall I do a video about?” which is another wall that stops most would-be business video creators in their tracks.

But you’re not “most” are you?

You’re reading this its because maybe you have a channel already that’s really bland, blank or “light on content” or perhaps you want to get into video marketing for your business properly but don’t know where to start when it comes to YouTube.


One question that may be on your mind is “What does a YouTube Account Manager do?” and the answer is in this video!

  • Uploading of video & publication management
  • Custom Thumbnail creation
  • Dispute management e.g. Copyright strike/claims
  • Branded channel artwork creation 
  • Premiere Management – New for 2019 – “Build the hype and get fans excited about your next video”
  • Keyword research & use (to get your videos found)
  • Description formulation and creation
  • Comment moderation & management
  • Closed Caption / Transcription maintainance 
  • Video tagging (relevant to your target demo/audience of course)

The biggest thing that having a YouTube Account Manager (YAM, hmmm?) as part of your marketing team is that it brings you more time to focus on other parts of your business whilst “they do all the YouTube stuff”. And what’s really great about this is that you still own the channel and you won’t have to share your own password & account details with us. This is acheived by adding us as a “Brand Manager” (I know, right?) which we will talk you through how to do. They then gain the required access to carry out the above duties on your behalf and all under your brand – but ultimately you’re still in control if you wanted to make any changes yourself. Do just check with your YAM first to see if they’re good changes to make or not.


To keep it simple having Clout Media as your YAM will be priced on a monthly basis. Prices will vary depending on the number of videos expected to be managed and the services to be provided.

To find out more please visit our Contact Us page at the top of your screen & we look forward to hearing from you soon.