Youtube Account Management

If you think that only the big boys need their very own YouTube account manager, think again, my friend! Even if you’re running a relatively small campaign with the world’s most popular video streaming platform, you’ll definitely benefit from outsourcing the bulk of the work to video marketing specialists like us, who know YouTube like the backs of our hands.

The fact is, setting up and running a YouTube channel is just another thing you need to find the time to do within your business. You might think that creating an account and getting into the swing of posting and optimising videos is easy – but if you want to do things properly, and really gain proper exposure for your brand, you need to set aside decent chunks of time every week just to cover off the basics, like branding your graphics, creating custom video thumbnails, and creating SEO-friendly descriptions. And let’s face it – if something else commands your attention, as it inevitably will at some point, your YouTube channel management fall by the wayside, and all your hard work will go to waste.

For a set monthly fee, we can step in and become your dedicated YouTube video marketing representative. We can turn even the blandest, blankest YouTube channel into a hive of activity that will showcase your company in a great light and encourage extra engagement with all those videos you have toiled over for so long.

Shooters’ block often stops would-be business video creators in their tracks – but you won’t need to worry about gaps in production when team Clout is by your side, because we can also help you come up with inspired ideas for each and every film, if you want us to.

Still not sure what a YouTube account manager ACTUALLY does? Here’s an explanation from our top videographer, Luke!

• Uploading of video & publication management

• Custom Thumbnail creation

• Dispute management e.g. Copyright strike/claims

• Branded channel artwork creation

• Premiere Management – New for 2019 – “Build the hype and get fans excited about your next video”

• Keyword research & use (to get your videos found)

• Description formulation and creation

• Comment moderation & management

• Closed Caption / Transcription maintainance

• Video tagging (relevant to your target demo/audience of course)

The biggest thing that having a YouTube Account Manager (YAM, hmmm?) as part of your marketing team is that it brings you more time to focus on other parts of your business whilst “they do all the YouTube stuff”. And what’s really great about this is that you still own the channel and you won’t have to share your own password & account details with us. This is acheived by adding us as a “Brand Manager” (I know, right?) which we will talk you through how to do. They then gain the required access to carry out the above duties on your behalf and all under your brand – but ultimately you’re still in control if you wanted to make any changes yourself. Do just check with your YAM first to see if they’re good changes to make or not.


To keep it simple having Clout Media as your YAM will be priced on a monthly basis. Prices will vary depending on the number of videos expected to be managed and the services to be provided.

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