Live Streamed Funerals

A few years ago I was asked by a fellow videographer if I “did Live Streaming” to which I said “yes I do”. He then asked if I’d be interested in streaming his mum’s funeral to which I replied “My condolences to you “Paul” and your family and I’d be honoured to do that for you”.

Initially I wasn’t sure quite why you’d want such an event streamed but it became apparent to me only when I was about to press the Go Live button that this lady the congregation were saying farewell to had met people from all over the world in her lifetime. The Stream was going out to some of these people who weren’t able to say goodbye in person for reasons of ill health, age or perhaps the costs involved to travel to the UK from where they were. And that was really special to be a part of. The comments and shared memories in the stream were heartwarming and full of love which meant so much to “Paul” and his siblings.

Having a funeral live streamed can mean the world to friends and family who aren’t able to share their final wishes in person for whatever reason.

As you would expect I would treat this event with the utmost courtesy and respect and take the steps necessary to be as discreet and “out-of-the-way” as possible so as to not disturb any of the guests or facilitators on the day. I’d also dress in whatever has been asked to be the mood or theme of the event to honour the wishes of the departed.

If this is something you’d like to discuss with me I’d be honoured to be part of your loved ones final sendoff.

My sincerest wishes to you and your family,