Video scripts, Autocues and Teleprompters

If you want to wow your viewers further down the line, you need to make sure you’re delivering the right words at the right pace during filming. To some people, this comes naturally; to others, the thought of preparing a talk or a speech scares them to death, and it really shows in their delivery.

The team here at Clout have the expertise and the equipment to help you say what you need to say, in the right way!

From helping you write a well-thought-out script through to supplying autocues and teleprompters, we will do everything in our power to make sure you have with all the tools you need to shine bright in the spotlight.

Script Writing & Editing

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes on something can make all the difference – and this is certainly true when it comes to writing a killer video script!

We always recommend running your video script past us well in advance of the shoot itself. It may be brilliant – and if it is, happy days. But there may be parts of it that need editing, and if this is the case, we’ll need a little bit of notice. We look for things like poor grammar, messages that are out of context, and content that might alienate or offend your audience.

If you’re totally stuck for inspiration, or you don’t know where to start when it comes to video script writing, we can collect all those scribbled notes and mountains of post-its and turn your musings into something beautiful.

Autocue and Teleprompter Service

The time when you had to learn your lines for a piece to camera is no more! Autocues and teleprompters can save you HEAPS of time and will make life much easier for us in post-production, because there will be fewer bloopers to cut out.

Teleprompters allow you, the presenter, to reel off large items of text naturally into the camera – sometimes even without seeing the content beforehand. What’s really great about our autocue system is that it’s small enough to be brought out of the studio, so if you’re looking to film a presented piece to camera in a different environment, then it’s easy peasy for our team to bring the equipment onsite.

Our teleprompter service includes a complementary script review to ensure that what’s being communicated flows as naturally as possible to make for a better watching experience for the viewer.



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