Sports Live Streaming

Basketball, Boxing, Karate, MMA and Football are just some of the sporting events we can cover for you. We've streamed grassroot level matches through to the professional premiere events so like to think we've got you covered!

Depending on what you're looking for in your sporting event's live stream we’ll pick up every aspect of the race, competition or tournament, from those all-important live action shots to glimpses of the crowd that put the excitement into context. Much like "the big boys" we carry the hardware required for commentary and offer as standard high end, on-screen graphics to really class up your stream as well as sourcing the best sound quality direct from the DJ or venue's PA system. 

No longer is "oh I'll just put my iPhone on a tripod from the stage" good enough - especially if its a Pay Per View event. Tragically I still see this being done (I really hope they're not being charged for it). 

Your event deserves better and your paying customers and supporters deserve better too!

Clout Media can also offer a fully managed and cost effective Pay-Per-View (PPV) service should you want to be charging for an event to generate an income from it. This Managed PPV service includes handling payment transactions, technical setup, customer troubleshooting (e.g. password reset!) and then a production of a report of technical data such as number of views, geographic reach and contact details of customers which you can follow up with or maybe use in your marketing – subject to GDPR etc etc.

PPV Gage Match with Ultimate Fighting Warriors
Boxing Pay Per View with Essex Boxing Organisation
Boxing Live Stream at York Hall in London


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