Event Live Streaming

I have the phrase “If it can be seen – it can be streamed” and with that in mind here are some examples of the sort of events that I can help you to stream.

Whilst I can appreciate some people may want to have a go at doing their own event streaming from their smartphone on a tripod (or by hand – yes, I’ve seen it!!) the range of shots isn’t going to be that varied. In addition to that the audio will be mediocre at best which means the finished piece isn’t going to be particularly stimulating or engaging. And you can’t reshoot a Live Event so you must get it right – first time.

Clout can take your live stream to the next level by professionally filming your talk, presentation, seminar or training event using top-level gear and employing a variety of techniques that will give your content some undeniable ‘oomph’. We have the hardware (and the masses of cables!) to take the HD feed from our cameras and broadcast it to the channel of your choice, so more people can get involved in the action. If you’re planning to invite questions from your viewers, we can also relay these queries back to the presenters in real-time to give the event more of an interactive element – and we can also make sure your live stream is gated so it’s only available to a paying audience. We can extend our live streaming services to pretty much any event previously ranging from sporting matches to weddings and funerals to corporate events & seminars. As long as the venue can supply us with a network socket to use (WiFi is never that reliable), we can take care of the rest. If required we also have a portable 4G streaming box should the location be more remote or where superfast broadband hasn’t yet reached.



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