Green Screen

If you want to get technical here, it’s known in the industry as chroma-keying – but we all know this popular approach as the green screen technique!

Green screen videos can be used to produce all kinds of training resources, product explainers and how-to guides that feature a narrator talking over an array of unique content. Using a green screen essentially allows you to ‘key-out’ the block colour, then add in your own images, videos, animations and other effects, which makes for a whole new world of creative possibilities when you’re putting together some juicy new visuals to showcase your business or event.

For example, you could create a clean, in-limbo background that can be replaced with technology demos, or you could superimpose a process or a system behind the presenter to add a live ‘feel’ that can be manipulated click-by-click.

Of course, the best feature of a green screen is that you can add in whatever you like during post-production. You can use a basic still image, or a series of animations that work together to convey your message to your viewers.

Clout operates a full yet totally portable Chroma studio solution, and we stage our own screen-tests, which means we can have you set up and ready to shoot with full chroma efficiency in a matter of minutes. We also use wireless lapel microphones for optimum sound quality.

Here’s an example of our head honcho, Luke, borrowing a client’s lounge (after shooting) to fire off this quick green screen demo!



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