Looking for a traditional wedding videographer? You won’t get run-of-the-mill wedding films from our team, I’m afraid. But let us in on your big day, and we guarantee you WILL receive a tonne of fun, high energy, social-media-friendly footage that you’ll enjoy looking back on for years to come!

We’re not the kind of videographers that supply the smooth, sexy, cinematic style short films that seem to be all the rage these days. Actually, we’re more about coming up with off-the-wall ways to capture the exciting events as they unfold. We’re wedding videographers for life’s mavericks; we’re well and truly outside the box, and that’s where we want to stay!

Drop us a message, and let’s see if we’re the right wedding videographers for you. If we’re not, we’ll be delighted to recommend other local companies that might be a better fit.

So, what kinds of things can we offer? Well, we can take panoramic, 360 degree photos and videos of key moments, which will look especially impressive on your Facebook profile. We can supply branded cube microphones for use in off-the-cuff interviews at the reception, and our camera operators can interact with the crowd to pull out some really funny mini shoots with a news anchor spin.

We can add a twist to your reception by setting up a green screen video booth, and if you’re looking for a lovely keepsake, we can also supply high quality spherical printed photos for the happy couple, or selected family members or friends, which will certainly be a talking point when guests come to visit.

Photo by Joey Huang