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Video Production In Essex

Are you struggling to produce professional-looking videos for your business, brand or event? 

Or maybe feel somewhat stuck in a rut with your video marketing? 

Either way, Clout is here to turn your video woes into whoops of joy!

Headed up by video aficionado Luke Magnay, Clout Media is a video production company providing a huge range of video creation and editing services for businesses, event managers, and those needing a helping hand coming up with eye-catching, engaging and exceptionally well-put-together visual content. 

Working with a hand-picked selection of videographers, photographers, web designers and other Creatives Luke's ambition is to be the guy you call first for your media projects. 

Based in the sunshine state of Colchester and absolutely rocking the "have camera, will travel" mantra Luke and his team have you and your event covered.

How what we do can help what you do

The term "Video production" is a broad, wide reaching term so here's a rundown of what Clout Media can help you with.

Live Event Filming

If you’re presenting to a group of people then you should seriously consider filming it.
Why? Because capturing your live event can enable you to reach a potentially worldwide audience. 
Your presentation, performance or show recording could be put behind a paywall and generate a new income stream to you and your business.
is a great way to make sure all your yet-to-meet clients benefit from your message too.

Two cage fighters grappling on the ground

Pay Per View & Live Streaming

Hands down my favorite thing to do. Nothing beats being able to take the rage in the cage or the combat in the square circle to the world via a fully managed Pay Per View system.
Not only do we take care of that side of things but we also lay on professional grade graphics of fighter names,  Commentators, weights or Tale Of The Tape as well as round counts and timers. Open your event to a worldwide audience and earn from it too!

Help Presenting To Camera

Have you heard of "Red Light Syndrome"? Symptoms of Red Light Syndrome include pale skin, cold sweats and frequent mistakes!
However, Dr Luke Magnay can work with you to cure you of your ails.
Presenting in any capacity is, to some people, a pretty daunting experience really. Isn’t it? We can help you get camera confident both in advance of filming as well as on the day resulting in both a great experience and video.

Green Screen Videos

I'm personally fighting the AI Presenter wave - there are some terrible ones out there! Some might say it's a losing battle but if you want a human presented video - or you want to present - and want "someone to do the tech" that's one for us. We have a mobile studio setup we can bring to a venue  or location of your choosing or we can source one. Be it the rarely used conference room in your office, a hotel suite or, if the budget can cover it, hiring a purpose built studio - it's up to you.

Footage Only Editing

Something we get is along the lines of "I've filmed a load of stuff but dont have the time (or "I honestly just CBA!" said one client) to do anything with it. 
Let us curate the raw footage, trim the good bits (keep the bloopers, people love those, its all content!), piece it together, apply text/graphics and other treatments before rendering into a  great looking video you can use online.

Video For Business

If "a picture paints a thousand word" then how many words can a video do? Even a short one? I think every website should have four core videos; 
• About Us, 
• What We Do/Offer (of course),
• Our Story/Vision and 
• Testimonials. 
If your website or social media doesn't move much / lacks faces then perhaps it’s time you joined the attention grabbing method that is outperforming pictures & text by miles!

Engage & Connect

In business, it's widely agreed that the three core tenets for sales are to get people to

"know, like and trust" you before they're ready to buy.

Creating a collection or series of videos is well worth thinking about as doing can have this happen for you when you're not in-person or on the phone with the customer. 

Your business can work with video. I'm yet to find a business that wouldn't benefit from it.

Having the right videos of you on your website, YouTube, LinkedIn etc goes towards demonstrating how skilled and versed you are in your profession as well as your personality.

Our objective is to create video content to showcase why you're THE person they should go to for the goods and services that you provide and not your competitors.

Give it Clout!

Whatever the reason for your video project, we want to help you make the absolute most out of it. 

You could just get it filmed, or you could "Give it Clout!"

Video Production for Businesses in Essex

Why Choose Clout Media?
I like to think that Clout strikes that fine balance of agency grade production at Freelancer prices. Having been Creative since 2016 (or so, not that I'm counting) I have amassed not only the right kit you need - or where to get it if I dont have it myself - but also the right people needed for a great outcome for you for any video related project you can ask of us!

From funerals to fighting to football, Clout can film and stream all manner of things. 

And, "in the unlikely event" that we can't assist you with your idea and project in-house we'll always refer you to trusted people we know who can.

Recent Projects

Here are some recent projects that Clout has undertaken

What Our Customers Say

Frank Jennings Photography


Can just say I had the best pleasure working with Luke he is amazing with his filming skills, he worked so hard at the MMA fight, can’t wait to see the out come I’m sure it will be great as I can see from his previous work, definitely will recommend Luke to friends and family thanks mate.

The Amazing Anthony


Luke filmed one of my presentations. He captured the atmosphere and magic in the room and then also produced three (3) separate films of some magic routines that I performed.

A true professional and a lovely chap too! Thoroughly reccommended.

Andy Wilsher Sings   


Luke is really amazing! He had done a number of projects for me over the last year or so and I couldn't be happier. He is super efficient and always does an excellent job of all the different bits I have given him. The service is second to none and I highly recommend him to everyone :) Thank you so much, you have saved my life on a few occasions tonight being one!

      James Culley              


Luke was great when supporting me in my work - great knowledge of production techniques and had a very good product offering. Would recommend.



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