Client Testimonial Videos

These are worth their weight in gold!

The reason why this is the case is because of the fact that someone has taken the time out of their day to either be filmed or to film themselves – both of which to many people is really daunting – means they must really like what you’ve done for them! This sort of social proof can result in more leads, enquiries and potential sales.

These videos can also be leveraged and used in your social media & marketing campaigns.

In my experience I’ve found that some clients of clients fall under one of three categories and they’re all good!

1) The “Babbler” – These are great because its better to have more than not enough when it comes to editing. These tend to be completely natural and offer a higher level of authenticity.

2) The “I’m not really sure what to say!” – Unlike “The Babbler” these need a bit more coaching and guidance – but not to the extent of being scripted – to get their experience of your business out of their head and onto camera.

3) The “Pro” – More often than not these are people who are “get it” because they’ve either done their own for another person/business or have planned what they’re going to say in a succinct manner and usually are mic’d up, filmed and done before the kettle has boiled!



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