Live Stream – Waiver

Streaming problems? Please check the the FAQs below for help and advice. Please understand we are unable to assess the individual set up of each user.

There are occasions when local conditions, either your connections, WiFi signal strength, software version, chosen browser, router, local data and bandwidth issues may provide you with a less than ideal connection or perhaps no connection at all.

Clout Media and their streaming service can offer no responsibility for such local problems or offer refunds when it is clear the service is being received acceptably by the majority of those that subscribe to a given stream. In addition to our own testing during the stream (via a paid for PPV ticket thus the same experience as a customer would get) we will use the feed-back of the majority to determine that our outward bound signal and data stream is providing the service offered.

Frequently asked questions

As we're extremely limited to what support we can offer during an event  please go through these FAQs before reaching out to us.

In the event you do reach out, please be patient. If we can respond to you  in such a manner that it doesnt impact the stream output we will.

Thank you for your understanding.

Before you buy a ticket - test first!

It's entirely likely you'll be absolutely fine with a PPV ticket but if you wanted to test your setup can handle it please try this test video to be 100%. It's free and on the PPV platform  so for all intents and purposes a fair test come the PPV you're looking to purchase.

I just bought a ticket, where is it?

Once you have bought a ticket the PPV platform we email your ticket INSTANTLY (some email address can take a few minutes to arrive) to the email address you provide upon payment, inside that email is your ticket passcode and other information regarding the live stream. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOX, SPAM/JUNK or PROMOTIONS Folder for your email address.

If you're an ApplePay user when you buy a ticket you won't be asked for an email address as the PPV platform uses the one already set to your ApplePay account. We have had issues previously where the email set to the ApplePay is different to the one the customer uses on a daily basis so please check what email address your ApplePay is set to and check that email Inbox (and spam/promotions etc) for your ticket.

I bought a PPV ticket, but can't watch the show at a later date!

There's two parts to this one. 

1) The stream was Live only at the time of the show so if you've tuned in after the event there'll be nothing to see. 

2) If you bought a ticket with Replay access you'll be able to watch the event in its entireity for a limited time after the PPV finishes. This will be stated on the ticket itself.

I've bought a ticket but cant view on another device!

Once you have purchased your ticket, please make sure you login to the device you wish to watch the Stream on. Swapping between too many devices will terminate your stream. This stops account and password sharing. Please only login on the device you are wanting to view on. If your mates want you to "send us the link yeah?" send them the PPV ticket page instead as if they use your link then you're going to get disconnected and not see the show.

It's supposed to have started but nothing is happening!?

Whilst every effort is made by an event's team (that we're not part of) it has happened where the scheduled start time doesn't happen for any number of reasons. We will always endevour to put up a holding page with music so you know you're in the right place. We'll even use a countdown if we're given a new start time by the organiser. 

This also depends on what type of broadcast the organiser’s have planned. If you have purchased a “Pay Per View” or “Live stream” ticket, then this means you are viewing a streaming event and you should tune in at the specific time that the event starts, or at least 15 minutes before! If you join the stream late, you will not be able to rewind or watch from the beginning.

If, however, you have tickets to a “Video on Demand” event, this means you have paid to view an event whenever you like within a specific time window. You will have at least 1 day to view the video, and you can view the video multiple times within that window. Please look at your ticket details for further information regarding this.

If you are in doubt, please contact the event organiser directly, and they will be able to assist you further. 

The Person/Team isn't on the event anymore, can I get a refund?

No, and this is because you have bought a PPV ticket which has been priced by the promoter and not ourselves. The ticket is for the show/game or event and not for a specific person, player, coach or trainer.

For example, Boxing promotions have the right to change the fight card, line-up, start and finishing times. Sometimes these can change just hours before going live - often through no fault of their own such as traffic issues, fighters bottling it (really!). As is the same for our other streamed sports, shows and events. Refunds will not be giving unless the event/show/Game  itself is by the promotor/organiser.

Once a ticket has been purchased and generated you are then agreeing to these terms.

Can I watch on my phone?

Well, yeeeesssss technically you can but we can't be held accountable for wrist or neck ache after a long duration of viewing in your lap! 

However make sure you have a good/stable internet connection.

Generally watching our live streams from home (WiFi) or on a mobile (4G/5G) you shouldn’t have any issues. But we cannot guarantee your connection to us, so its best to check your signal strength from the location you wish to view the PPV stream. 

If you find that either the test video or your live stream is buffering or jerky, you might find your internet connection - meaning either/or your broadband/mobile internet speed as well as your WiFi strength just isn’t sufficient. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your live stream.​

• Use a wired connection to avoid any WiFi issues.

• Move closer to your Wifi router can also help with signal strength,

• Try a different browser, even though we love Chrome, try Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.

• Refresh your current browser/re-login to the pay per view link.

Can I cast from my iPhone to my TV?

Yes! You can wirelessly connect your iPhone to a smart TV as long as the TV is AirPlay 2-compatible. To find out if your TV is AirPlay 2-compatible, check with your TV manufacturer. Once you know the two are compatible, here’s how you mirror your iPhone.

First, make sure your iPhone and smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and powered on.

On your iPhone, swipe down from the upper right corner to open the Control Center.

Tap Screen Mirroring.

Select your TV from the list that appears. If a passcode appears on your TV (may happen for first-time users), enter the code on your iPhone to complete the connection.



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