Weddings! Well, sort of….

When I was starting out with Clout I kept an open mind as to what sort of Videographer I’d be. Whilst I never considered filming wedding videos I suddenly found myself with two gigs early on and seemingly by accident!

When I Network I say that “I film everything – but not weddings” and the reason “I don’t do weddings” is because quite simply I don’t have the specialist (read “seriously expensive”) kit that they require for that smooth, sexy full on cinematic feel that such a video requires. Whilst these two accidental clients loved their videos it was whilst doing these that affirmed that my strengths were moreso in filming the more corporate style and other events.

 Now you may be asking “So why have you put this page on the website if you don’t do weddings then?”

The answer to that is whilst I’m not a wedding videographer I can be an additional camera operator to one as well as offering my own twist to a wedding such as the green screen video booth for special (and, being honest here, usually a bit drunken) messages for the happy couple.

When I get an enquiry for wedding videography I have a discussion with the bride & groom to be about what I can offer them and, if they’re after someone who offers what I dont, then I recommend only two other wedding videography companies who may be a better fit for them.

Lastly I offer 360 Photo and video for a unique approach – especially good for Facebook and social media as well as the branded cube mics I have to give your video a funny news anchor spin with perhaps the Best Man or Chief Bridesmaid reporting on “the buffet situation”!

In addition to this for an alternative to the usual “coffee table album” (which usually ends up on the little shelf underneath it!) I can provide a high quality spherical printed photo for the happy couple or selected special family members or friends. Certainly a talking point when guests come to visit.

These are just some more off-the-wall ways that Clout could help you on your special day. 

So in closing when it comes to weddings “I do….sort of!”