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It’s what we do!

You know you’ve got a great idea for video and a brilliant message or product you’re wanting to share to the masses – but feel you don’t have the quality equipment or time to give it the attention it richly deserves. More often than not its the time, our most precious commodity, required to do all that editing, colour & lighting adjustments, audio matching and so on. That would be where Clout comes in.

Depending on your needs we can bring the movie studio (such as our green screen) to you and capture HD quality video and sound in the environment(s) that you think would work really well with whatever you’re sharing. To get the most from the filming session we also offer low-level direction with minor adjustments during filming to improve small things like stance & posture, words used (including any jarring grammar errors – because they can really switch people off!) and mannerisms.

Sometimes it’s these tiny interpersonal adjustments between you and the camera – and ultimately your audience – that can make all the difference; a smile here, a hand gesture there. This isn’t to interfere by any means its to ensure we’re getting only the absolute best recordings we can with the time permitted. The reason for all these tweaks and adjustments during filming is that no-one likes scheduling a re-shoot when it could have been avoided so whilst it may seem pernickety it’s ultimately for the benefit of all parties.

In additon to the above during filming for the best results we work closely with you ahead of filming so that you’ll have more of an idea of what you’re saying & how to say it. This is through the means of meetings or calls as required ahead of shooting which can include script writing or just a read-through if you’ve prepared your own.  Ultimately it is your video so if you want to do it super-formal then we can do that, a bit laid back but getting the stats across we can do or totally freestyle we can work with that as well!

Having myself described by others as “having personality” (whatever that actually means!) I like to think I know how to channel your personality into your video and your message. So let’s do that!

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