Training and onboarding videos

If you’re looking to establish a consistent set of values and standards throughout your business, you need to create materials that effectively teach your staff how to operate. Training videos are a fantastic point of reference, not just as part of the onboarding process, but also when you’re implementing changes or upskilling your employees.

And luckily for you, creating professional-looking, personality-packed training and onboarding videos is our speciality.

When a new member of staff joins your team, you could decide to sit them in a room with a trainer – usually another more experienced team member or manager who’s been taken away from their regular work to do this, and will have a work backlog waiting for them upon return – for half a day to go through the various processes of the business, what it stands for, and why it’s the best at what it does. (I don’t need to tell you that this is a huge time-drain for your management team, not to mention a pretty intense experience for the new starter.)

Alternatively, you could gave your trainer deliver this information one time to camera, produce the footage into a fully-fledged training video, and create a piece of content that can be shared to everyone, and viewed at any time.

Pre-prepared training videos save time, money and hassle – and when they’re done right, we think they can be just as effective as in-person sessions, if not more.

Not everybody wants to be filmed, though. We get that. If you or your delegate needs some help, we can arrange some coaching to ensure they feel more comfortable in front of the lens. The skills and feedback they get from this kind of presentation training will feed back into their work elsewhere, so it’s a win/win! Alternatively, if your entire team would rather sit this one out and leave the talking to the professionals, we can source a talented actor who will step seamlessly into the role of Company Educator in your training video on your behalf.