Training and Onboarding Videos

If you’re looking to establish a consistent set of values, standard and message throughout your business you have two main ways via an Onboarding process available to you to acheive this.

Every time a new member of staff joins your team you can either;

1) Sit the new starter in a room with a trainer – usually another more experienced team member or manager who’s been taken away from their regular work to do this and will have a work backlog waiting for them upon return – for usually a couple of hours / half a day to go through the various processes of the business, what it stands for, why it’s the best at what it does and so forth.

2) Have your trainer deliver this information one time to camera, have that produced and then made available online or in an Intranet location to be viewed at any given time by your new starters or your existing team members as a refresher.


Given the opportunity which would you think would be of greater benefit to your business in regards to time saved and stress reduced?

Now, it may be the case that your trainer doesn’t want to be filmed – and that’s totally ok. Not everyone wants to be so you’ll be glad to know that Clout can help with that in one of two ways.

1) We arrange coaching and training for your trainer which will help them be more comfortable in front of the camera. It works out that various elements of this new prsentation skillset can also be applied to their work & teams – bonus!

2) Have Clout present it for you! We have a wide pool of actors available to us who can deliver your company’s training to camera.


We look forward to welcoming you Onboard with us soon!