Why do PPV with Clout?

Why Stream With Cllout?

Why have your PPV managed by Clout Media?

With our fully managed PPV solution we can provide:

100% revenue direct to you
It's your event so we setup ticket payments to go direct to your bank. 

Multiple angles
Create a truely immersive experience with multiple manned camera angles just like the big boys do. 

Say "no" to the iPhone-on-a-tripod-back-of-the-room look and "yes!" to professional looking viewing!

PPV Replay

Score after-event sales with the replay of the full event as it happened available shortly after the stream closes with an automatically generated playlist.

Live Chat

Engage with your audience via Live Chat for the event. Or don't -It's up to you!

On screen graphics

Detailed info of Round Count, timer, fighter names, Tale-Of-The-Tape and sponsor's graphics on rotation.

Pre-roll video

Got ads or other videos you want to run on the stream? We can do that! E.G adverts during breaks from your sponsors which we can even make with them and if you refer us in we'll discount your order with a referral bonus


We have the mics, the monitors and we can even provide you the commentators** if you dont have your own!

Customer Support

Sometime your customers "cant get on the stream" so in addition to our FAQ as long as it doesn't impact the stream production for everyone else watching without issues we'll offer "best endevours" support*** via WhatsApp chat. 

*= minus card handling fees (via Stripe, Paypal etc) , **= subject to availability, ***= typically they just used/typed the wrong email at checkout, happens to the best of us!

Boxing Live Stream at York Hall in London


We offer various packages for your fully managed Pay Per View solution.

If you can't find an exact match for what you're after then let us know and we'll gen up a tailored package for you.


Instantly Disqualified!!


iPhone on a tripod

Cheap ‘n’ nasty - looks naff and sounds worse because the webcam is far away and is offensive to those who’ve paid out for it. 

Now, Clout doesn't actually offer this and we only put this in here because we want to warn you that there are people out there providing this as an “event live stream” and it angers us because it’s the weakest excuse for this when we feel the client - and their audience - deserves so much better

This below is a screenshot of the sort of thing that’s being passed off as a so-called "live stream". This is the only angle! 

I’ve cropped out their logos out of professional courtesy / to save their embarrassment.


Great for starting out



1x Manned camera

1x Static "wide" camera

Round #, fight countdown, fighter names & corner colour overlays

Sponsor's logo(s) in corner

One 30 second highlight reel after the event.

All fights individually clipped up in their entirety for you to YouTube etc after the event

Audio feed in from DJ/PA and kit to accomodate one  Commentator setup.

Dont have a Commentator? We know people, just ask!


Now we're talking!



Same as Middleweight plus...

Additional Manned Camera

Additional "Tale Of The Tape" graphics

Additional capacity for two commentators

Streamlined replay videos

Any gaps, pauses, long walk-ins etc trimmed right down/removed with transitions for 100% ACTION!


Next Level right here!



Same as Cruiserweight plus...

Additional cameras & crew

Walk-in camera operator

Action Replays

Fighter Photos / posters on screen before fight

Use of B-roll / pre-recorded video

Your Sponsors don't have video ads to run in the break? Refer us to them and we'll thank you with a discount on your bill upon their deposit!

We'll create a Media package of "Winner" graphics for your social media

Want a YouTube channel and us to build that for you? Absolutely!



We look forward to hearing from you. Click below and let's get started!

If you're messaging about PPV tickets please include your email address used at purchase

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