Video Marketing Training Courses

The video marketing courses now available from Clout Media are designed to help business owners like you get to grips with planning, filming, editing and then marketing your company’s visual content. Think of this is your one-stop-shop to self-made business videos that WORK!

All our video training workshops take place online, which means you can brush up on your skills from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you.

The Full Workshop

Ready to dive feet-first into the world of video marketing?

Our full-blown training course is totally for you!

Sign up for this comprehensive two-day workshop, and you’ll learn how to:

  • Create your ‘base’ by understanding why you’re producing a video, what your audience looks like, who will benefit the most from your content, and where it will be filmed

  • Conquer your fears around getting in front of the camera (by the time we’ve finished with you, you’ll LOVE the spotlight!)
  • Discover what kind of kit you will need for a successful shoot, and how you can use it to get the best possible results from your work
  • Enhance your video with clear, professional-sounding audio
  • Edit your video to improve its quality and effectiveness
  • Use common tricks of the trade to give your content the edge
  • Publish your video to some of the world’s best-loved sharing platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Market your video to the masses using tried-and-tested promotional techniques

Mini Courses

In an ideal world, you want to outsource your video marketing requirements to the experts, right?

But we know from experience that this isn’t always possible.

If money is tight, time is of the essence, or you would just love to be able to produce something quickly and efficiently in-house, we can help.

Our insightful short courses will help you develop the precise skills you need to come up with videos that add tonnes of value to your marketing strategy.

We offer 5 mini courses that have been developed to cover key aspects of video marketing training:

  1. Creating smartphone videos that don’t suck
    Technology these days is pretty rad. It’s easier than ever to create business videos using nothing more than your phone, a microphone and a little bit of know-how. This course will teach you how to set up your device for the best results and use third party apps to improve your shots.
  1. Presenting to the camera like a boss
    Whether you’re naturally camera shy or you just don’t feel comfortable in a studio environment, we guarantee you will emerge from this mini workshop with a newfound confidence and on-point presentation skills.
  1. Basic video editing for businesses
    You’ve seen the apps, you’ve heard all about the tech, and now it’s time to learn how to make your videos look the business! This video editing training course will talk you through how to use all kinds of fun stuff like greenscreens, jumpcuts and wide formats to show off your creative side.
  1. YouTube editing for businesses
    The web is a competitive space. If you want to capture the attention of your potential customers and get them engaging with your business, you need to create YouTube videos that stand out in a sea of similar content. In this workshop, we will share plenty of tips and tricks to help you do just that!
  1. A beginner’s guide to coming up with great video content
    Stuck for ideas? Not sure which topics you should be focusing on for maximum marketing clout? This short training course will introduce you to new and exciting ways of finding inspiration for your next videos and coming up with concepts your audience will absolutely love.
  1. You’ve made a great video – now what?!
    You’ve enjoyed going through the process of creating a great video for your business and want as many people as possible – in your target market (of course) – to see it. This course will cover how to do just that with free and paid-for methods, as well as what NOT to do. That section may well surprise you.


Our online video marketing courses are fun, informal and totally led by you.

Contact Clout Media to learn more about our range of virtual video marketing training courses for businesses or hit the button below to sign up for one of our workshops right now.

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