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There may be an event or occasion that you want to Live Stream that it needs to be something more than someone standing there with a Smartphone on a Tripod – or worse “in hand” – but they’re leaning against the wall for stability “because they’re a pro”, right? 

Now, depending on the situation you might just get away with that if for example its a close up impromptu Live broadcast. However if its something bigger than that like a public presentation, a training event, an awards ceremony or sporting event or even a wedding or funeral – then give Clout a shout.

We have the hardware (and masses of cables!) required to take the HD feed from our cameras to then broadcast into a social media channel of your choice. Depending on the nature of the broadcast and if you’re inviting questions from the viewer we can also offer a Secretary service to relay questions to the presenter(s).

This can also be setup as a premium paid-for service if you wanted to which we can assist with the setting up of.

So long as the venue can supply us with a network socket to use (we’ve found WiFi can’t be relied upon) Clout can do the rest.


What could you broadcast?

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