Green Screen Video

If you want to get technical here this is also known as Chroma-keying but really we all know it as Green Screen!

There are many reasons for wanting to create a green screen video – other than wanting to tell
the weather – so what are yours?

A few ideas that work well with a green screen include the showcasing of a new service or product behind your presenter whilst they narrate the great features & benefits of it to the camera. This method works really well if you wanted to produce a clean “in limbo” background for your video (works really well with technology demos) or, if you’re demonstrating a process on a computer, this can be superimposed behind the presenter which also adds the “live” feel to the presentation click-by-click.

Of course the best feature of a green screen is that you can have whatever you like in the background such as a still image or a moving one that will work to convey your message to your viewers.

We have a full yet portable Chroma studio solution and have staged our own screen-tests meaning we can have you set up, ready to shoot with full chroma efficiency. This of course comes with our wireless lapel mics for optimum sound quality.

Here is an example of Luke borrowing a client’s lounge (after shooting) to fire off this quick green screen demo.

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