Filming Live Events

This is by far the most popular service that’s being taken up by Clout’s clients.

There is an increasing trend in the filming of a live presentation for several reasons. These are either because you’re running a series of talks and presentations that it’s simply just not possible for all of your clients, customers, followers or prospects to get to but they’re really keen to hear what you’ve got to say to them. Maybe you want to take bits of the full presentation and clip them up to use on your social medias in accordance with your marketing campaign. Or maybe you want to re-sell the full presentation online as a new income stream.

We can help you to orchestrate some or all of these options including the payment barrier system so your presentation can be bought after the event.

Depending on the scale of the event we work with the venue’s in-house technicians to ensure the best lighting and high quality of sound for your video for maximum effect. In a more intimate or “acoustic” type seminar event where there isn’t a PA system we can provide clip-on or lavalier-style microphones again to ensure the best sound quality possible for your video.

Consider twinning this with our new Live Streaming service for even more reach and customer engagement!


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