Filming Live Events

Live Event Filming One of the latest services we offer is the filming of a live event. Perhaps you’re running a series of talks that it’s simply just not possible for all of your clients, customers, followers or prospects to get to but you’re really keen that they hear what you’ve got to say to them. If you have the event filmed this gives you several options for content marketing. For example you could offer a clip (or even the whole thing) as a free resource to encourage new signups to your email list or for your social media channels to get new Likes and followers. Alternatively you could of course offer it as a paid-for resource on your website. We can also help to orchestrate this on your exisiting website or through a 3rd party system as you require. We can work with the venue’s in-house technicians to ensure the best lighting and high quality of sound which we’ll incorporate into your video for maximum effect. In an “acoustic” type seminar event where there isn’t a sound system we can provide clip-on or lavalier-style microphones again to ensure the best sound quality possible for your video.

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