Edit Only Projects

If you find yourself having filmed the footage but then not having the time, skills or inclination to then go ahead and edit all the clips down into a usable video then our Edit Only service is for you!

We have some clients who do exactly this. They film their videos, send us the clips via Dropbox, Google Drive etc etc and then have us piece them together in their style and in accordance with branding guidelines. This is a particuarly popular way of working for Vloggers and YouTubers.

Perhaps you’ve been on holiday, have taken LOOOOOAAADDDSS of GoPro footage but just can’t be fussed to trawl through all the clips to create a highlight reel of you tearing it up on the Slopes or looking for buried treasure on a scuba dive – let us do that for you.

We’ll arrange secure & signed for postage – both ways – of your memory cards or external harddrives to ensure your memories are kept safe before and after we work on them.

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