Construction & Industrial Filming

I remember an email coming in from an edit-only client asking “Luke, do you have Five Point PPE to come onto a building site to film our balconies being put up?” to which I replied “I’ve got boots, gloves and a hi-vis, what are the other two?” which it works out are a helmet and safety goggle which they supplied. I’ve since gotten my own now!

I have a dust & splashproof video camera as well as housed action cameras for those harder to reach such as this shot from on an in-air balcony. Apparently “health and safety” meant I couldn’t have gone up myself with the balcony and my camera. 

Whilst I’m primarily a videographer there’s no denying this is a really cool still captured from the video from maybe 200ft up. I’ve no idea but it was a HUGE crane!! 

The point of this is that I’m open to filming pretty much anywhere and anything a client asks!

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