Autocue & Teleprompter Service

The time when you had to learning your lines for a piece to camera is no more! Not only does this save you loads of time – if you’re presenting yourself – but also a lot of time in post production as there are far fewer bloopers to clip out. That said, who doesn’t like bloopers so maybe we can keep those to hand for a social media post for you?

Teleprompters allow the presenter to reel off large items of text naturally into the camera – sometimes even without the presenter having ever seen the content like on Live TV. What’s really good is that our Autocue system is small enough to be brought out of the studio so if you’re looking for a presented piece to camera in a different environment then that can be done.

If you were to use our teleprompter service this includes a complementary initial script look-through to ensure that what’s being communicated flows as naturally as possible to make for a better watching experience for the viewer.

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