360 Photo and Video

You may be familiar with 360 Panoramic photos – most commonely from holiday photos from Facebook friends “our beach view” type shots. These aren’t technically 360’s as they’re only left to right (and sometimes not even all the way around) so they’re 270 at best. A true 360 image captures everything as you can see in these examples below – all the way around, up and down. There are more available at the Clout Media Kuula channel.

You could be asking yourself “So how could 360 Photography be used in my business?” which is a great question. With the camera I use being not much bigger than a smartphone it can get into even the small places. Here are some ideas I’d like to offer you although without knowing what your business is so if you’d like some more specific thought’s please use the contact form in the top right corner. Thank you

Just a few ideas for 360 photography include 

  • Interior photo of the office or warehouse
  • A flower display around the camera itself or the room (e.g pre-wedding)
  • The workshop or building area
  • Music or sound studio – a band’s session photo would be really cool
  • Inside a car or item for sale (if big enough, obviously!)
  • Interior shot of a property for sale
  • Under the hood of a car bonnet
  • Martial Arts dojo or training centre
  • Showcase of products such as makeup / Vape e-liquids
  • Fully stocked bar & bar team shot

A lot of these ideas can be expanded to 360 video as well as photography. If you’ve got an idea for a 360 video just send it over and we can work out the approach and , if required, the setup & choreography of it! Seriously, we love a challenge!


The question now is “What would you 360?”