360 photography and videography

You may be familiar with 360 degree photos. They’re the sweeping panoramic landscapes you see on your friends’ Facebook profiles after they’ve spent the week in an exotic, far-flung location.

(Well, OK, technically these images only capture around 270 degrees from left to right, but you get the idea.)

Panoramic photos – or indeed videos – are a fantastic way to capture everything, all at once, up and down, and give your viewer the chance to browse the scene from every angle, as they please. Check out the below for some examples of 360 photography from Clout’s Kuula channel.

We’ve talked through how 360 photographs and videos can be used to wow connections on social media – but how can you use these nifty visuals within your business, I hear you ask?

Well, panoramic imagery provides you with a brilliant way of piquing your customers’ interest without them having to physically see a product or a site for themselves.

Here are just a few ideas, to get the cogs whirring. You could:

  • Create an interior photo or video of your office, warehouse or workshop, to provide potential clients with an insight into your work environment

  • Produce interior images of a house or an apartment, if you’re an estate agent or private vendor putting your home or investment property on the market
  • Show people the inside of your martial arts Dojo or training centre, in a bid to get them to pay you a visit
  • Show off the fully stocked bar at your restaurant, pub or nightclub
  • Capture a band session photo at a music studio
  • Showcase an entire product range, all at once – for example, a series of makeup items, or Vape e-liquid varieties (specific, we know, but we’re speaking from experience!)
  • Scout around the inside of a car, or another large item, that you want to sell, so buyers can really see what they’re getting for their money

If inspiration has struck, and you can see how our 360 photography and videography solutions might help you boost your business profile, drop us a message and we’ll work out exactly how to choreograph your subject matter for the perfect panoramic shot. We’re based in Witham, so can easily access most locations in Chelmsford and throughout Essex – but our camera operators will happily travel further for the right project!

Oh – and if you think your requirements are going to be too complicated or too OTT, it’s still worth enquiring. We love a challenge!  

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